About Us


Wakelin’s Coffee was established in 2010 by specialists from within the coffee and hospitality industry, between them having over 120 years first-hand experience.

At the time the UK coffee market was increasing both in the drink at home and dining out market. This gave incredible leverage and profit opportunities to the major brands, in whose best interests it was to fuel the mystic about coffee and the true cost of the wonderful beverage.

The ethos then and still our prime objective is to provide quality coffee, expert advice, professional/ friendly service and competitive prices.

Gaynor has been running the outlet at Melton Mowbray from the beginning and has built up a loyal following of regular customers, who visit on a weekly basis to replenish stocks, try the new coffees, ask for advice and have a friendly chat. This also applies to the increasing trade clients operating across retail outlets, delis, leisure sector, restaurants, and hotels, who appreciate the professional and personal service, as well as the great tasting coffee. 

The seasonal events, specialist exhibitions we attend throughout the year and the charity coffee presentations we hold always attract great interest, and increases our coffee community.

Through Gaynor’s hands on involvement, passion for coffee and customer service we are continuing to attract new customers across the UK and Europe.


Our Coffee

Our coffee represents some of the finest blends from around the world. Apart from our core range we seek out speciality coffees from smaller independent growers. What’s common to all, is the stringent quality controls in place, covering environmental and social impact. These coffee beans are expertly grown, picked with the upmost of care, and transported to maintain the product in prime condition. However, even the very best beans in the world are of little use it they are not properly roasted.

We work very closely with our UK roaster who uses a process known as convection roasting. The beans are not simply spun around inside of a drum while roasted, which would lead to uneven roasting and can greatly affect the taste of your coffee. The convection process roasts the beans evenly without scorching, and gently removes the chaff which is produced during the roasting process. Convection roasting uses only hot air to roast the green coffee beans, controlling heat and airflow until the optimum flavour is achieved then quickly air cooling to ensure no flavour loss.

This gives you the confidence that every purchase will provide a consistently good smooth tasting coffee that is not bitter.


We provide whole beans or can grind any blend to meet your exact requirements, for the method used to make your coffee.

The result… “Simply, Remarkable Coffee.”